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Poslední den Silvestra

01.01.2012 08:00

I must say that it is a great thing to welcome New Year with friends, but if your friends are scouts, the power of gladness is twice bigger, especially when you a foreigner staying alone in an unexplored country. But this story is not about me, it is about the first day of 2012.
I think I will never forget how we said hello to 2012 in Nové Něsto nad Metují. It was like being in Disney World: a beautiful castle and fireworks fit together so much that it made us to believe that something special is happening, that the beginning of better world has just started. Furthermore, piece and quiet were hovering around us and that strange feeling of loneliness and fellowship at the same time. I didn’t want to be anywhere else but here! That’s the magic of the place, that’s the magic of being together with scouts.
After midnight the ritual of friendship and unity started, the circle of songs joining us together.
It was nice to start New Year by singing; it was nice to feel every person who was there.
However, morning came suddenly and this meant that we must pack our things and come back to Prague to say Happy New Year to our friends and colleagues and, of course, to start our new works or finish old ones. The first New Year’s breakfast (soup!) was very tasty – all new love and all old stuff put in it. Traveling by trains has its own spirit. You all know that feeling when you put your big heavy bag on your tired shoulders and can’t wait to be on the road. Road which will bring back you home.
In Lithuania we often say:” New Year-New Wheels”. This means, change what is wrong, do things in another way – it’s a new begging.
I hope that we will try to be better to each other this year.


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